Deshaun Watson Is Being Sued Again Because Of A 2020 Massage

Deshaun Watson Is Being Sued Again Because Of A 2020 Massage Featured Image

Deshaun Watson, the suspended quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, has been hit with yet another sexual assault complaint. This time by a woman who claims he forced her to engage in oral sex with him during a massage in 2020.

It is the 26th complaint against Watson that has been publicized, all of which accuse him of sexual misconduct or assault during massages.

On Thursday, Watson Was Charged in Harris County

The case was filed against Watson on Thursday in Harris County (Texas), and it alleges that in December 2020, when Watson was still a member of the Texans, he sent the plaintiff a direct message on Instagram offering him a massage in his hotel room in Houston for $1,000.

In the complaint, the woman claims that Watson “continually forced [her] into massaging his private region” throughout the session, after which Watson “removed his towel” and “offered to let her ‘climb on top.'”

The complaint states that the plaintiff “refused to have intercourse with Watson, although he was able to coerce her into oral sex” and that “Watson paid [the plaintiff] $300 for her services when her typical rate was $115 for an hour massage.”

The complaint claims the plaintiff has “suffered from extreme sadness and anxiety” ever since the occurrence in question.

According to the woman’s attorney, “my client’s experience with Deshaun Watson followed a sequence of eerily similar incidents recorded by more than 20 women who have filed suit against the NFL superstar,” Nguyen told ESPN.

“My client, like so many others, has spent almost two years having to live with the guilt and anguish from everything that he has taken from her and the daily misery that has become her life,” the lawyer said.

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My Client Was Inspired by Others’ Persistence and Drive

My client was inspired to speak out by the courage and fortitude of these other women while knowing that sharing her experience would lead to difficult talks, criticism, and even victim blaming.

Not only does she want justice for herself and her recovery, but also for the other victims who have yet to come forward and the over twenty women who have already spoken up.

Tony Buzbee, who also represented the other women who had sued Watson, said that out of the 24 cases that had been filed against him, Watson had resolved 23 of them this past summer.

When a court ordered the plaintiffs in one case to reveal their identities in the amended petitions, the case was dismissed. Although none of the other two women who reported criminal charges against Watson actually sued him, they did file civil suits against him.

Thirty women who had filed claims or were about to do so against the Texans in July negotiated settlements with the team, which Buzbee termed a “enabling” of Watson’s actions.

The Texans reportedly had massage therapists come to Watson’s hotel room in Houston this summer, according to a story from The New York Times. According to the NFL’s personal conduct rules.

Watson Was Suspended For 11 Games for Groping Masseuses

Watson has been suspended for 11 games for engaging in sexual assault against massage therapists. The suspension of Watson was resolved on August 18th, when a compromise was struck between the NFL and the NFLPA.

A $5 million fine and obligatory therapy followed the conviction. This year, two Texas grand juries decided against filing criminal charges against Watson. Independent arbitrator Sue L.

Robinson, appointed by the league and players’ union, ruled that “the NFL carried its burden to establish, by a preponderance of the evidence, that Mr. Watson participated in sexual assault.” Robinson found Watson’s actions to be “egregious” and “predatory” in her report.

Watson has denied any misconduct on several occasions and claimed that no one was interested in hearing his side of the tale. On August 18th, when the settlement deal was reached, he remarked, “I’ll continue to stand on my innocence.”

“I think a person has a chance to stand on his innocence and establish that,” he said, and “we demonstrated it from a legal side, and I’m simply going to continue to go ahead as an individual and a human.”

As part of the settlement, Watson was permitted to return to the Browns’ training facility this week after being suspended since August 30.

He won’t be able to work out with the club again until November 14th, and he won’t be able to play until Week 13 against the Texans on December 4th, which is a road game.

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