Geno Smith’s Selection As Seattle’s Starting Quarterback

The quarterback battle for the Seattle Seahawks has been decided. Pete Carroll, the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, named Geno Smith as the team’s starting quarterback for Week 1 only minutes after Seattle’s preseason finale defeat to the Dallas Cowboys on Friday.

The awful performance that Drew Lock had against the Cowboys was a factor in the decision to go with Smith instead of him as the starting quarterback. Smith will now take over as the starting point guard for the offense.

How Does Geno Smith May Affect the Offense of the Seahawks?

Smith started all three preseason games as quarterback for the Seahawks. He didn’t exactly set the world on fire in his bid for the starting position, but he was clearly superior to Lock.

Smith, with his three years of experience in Seattle’s scheme, had an advantage over Lock in terms of familiarity. Smith was successful on 58.9 percent of his passes for 256 yards in the preseason.

Having played in 45 games for the NFL and starting 34 of them, Smith has a wealth of experience in the starting position. A second-round draft selection who has played for the New York Jets, the New York Giants, and the Los Angeles Chargers.

They have shown promise despite his poor reputation as a pro football player. When starting in place of Russell Wilson, Smith passed for 702 yards, five touchdowns, and one interception in four games last season (three starts).

Smith’s familiarity with star wideouts Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf could aid his team this year. Smith can also rely on Seattle’s strong rotation of running backs.

Even if the Seahawks aren’t expected to contend this year, it’s still in Carroll’s best interest to keep the team competitive. Obviously, Smith should be in charge of guiding the attack.

As A Fantasy Football Player, How Significant is Smith?

As Seattle’s starting quarterback, Smith is the best choice for fantasy football managers this autumn. That doesn’t mean they can’t trade for or sign another QB, however. In Wilson’s absence last year, Smith kept Metcalf and Lockett fantasy-viable.

Smith is different. Smith completed 18.3 of 26 passes for 190.3 yards and 1.3 touchdowns in three starts. In 1QB leagues, Smith has too many choices to be a starting QB outside of Superflex leagues. Lockett or Metcalf won’t have Wilson’s potential, but I can’t write them out.

Metcalf averaged 17.2 PPR/game (WR14) in those three games, catching 14-of-18 passes for 197 yards and three touchdowns. Lockett was 44th in per-game scoring as the WR24 (11.6). He had 16 catches on 23 targets for 189 yards, but no touchdowns.

Metcalf has more potential. At some point, we have to question whether it’s worth taking a chance on a 6’4″, 230-pound WR who can sprint 4.33 and leap out of the building. Metcalf may finish as a mid-to-low-end WR2 with Smith as a quarterback.

Lockett is OK at his value since his ADP includes risk. Lockett was inconsistent with Wilson. Lockett has been a top-16 PPR WR since 2018.

In 59% of those games, Lockett was a WR3 or worse. His explosions boosted his stats. Lockett’s lack of a ceiling makes him more erratic, thus fantasy players should avoid him in 2022.

How Do The Seahawks’ Betting Odds Change Now That Smith Is The QB1?

Whether Smith sits out the whole season or Lock gets some playing time, Seattle will still struggle. Even with Smith in the lineup, the Seahawks offense struggled to find scoring chances in the preseason.

Since Smith is still a below-average passer, this problem won’t go away. With him on the field, though, week-to-week fluctuations should be less pronounced. In most situations, he caters his play to those around him.

He’ll be giving the Seahawks his very best since they have a strong supporting cast. A key cause for worry with Smith is his limited potential. Since entering the NFL, his accuracy has continued to decline, leaving him well below his starting-level counterparts.

With a more contemporary, efficient quarterback in Smith, the Seahawks have a chance to go over. However, that’s a huge promotion for someone whose previous position was back up. Seattle probably isn’t good enough to win more than 5.5 games, despite any competitiveness.

What Does This Mean for Seattle’s Strategy For 2023 NFL Draft?

Smith has a second-round pedigree and Seattle experience. No matter who wins, someone else will be the Seahawks’ QB in 2023. Lock’s inability to start is a cautionary story for draft evaluators. The lock has the physical tools to be impactful.

His repeated failures stem from defects he’s had since college. Lock’s mechanics and decision-making are always uneven, and his thinking is sluggish. Lock’s demotion to the backup quarterback isn’t a ringing recommendation.

Physical skills are attractive in the NFL selection process, but you need more to be a successful quarterback. Top 2023 NFL Draft quarterbacks have physical tools and more. C.J.

Stroud is a strong-armed athlete with high-level processing skills, anticipation, accuracy, and pocket management. Bryce Young possesses the top-creating ability, an elastic arm, off-script elegance, and excellent field vision.

Great quarterbacks combine physical and cerebral skills. Stroud and Young seem the part, and Will Levis and Anthony Richardson can climb.

Finishing Off

The Seahawks are currently predicted to have the fifth overall choice, which will put them in a prime position to choose a quarterback in the upcoming draft.

They will have the motivation to do so, barring the possibility that Smith may have a breakthrough performance later in his career. There is always the possibility that Smith will have a good game and be given more playing time.

However, it is more probable than not that he will serve as a bridge quarterback who will assist the Seahawks in maintaining their chances of selecting Stroud, Young, or another quarterback in the first round of the draft.

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