I Am Not Afraid of Failures Now Said, Kuldeep Yadav

I Am Not Afraid of Failures Now Said Kuldeep Yadav Featured Image

He claims that he “did not know how to deal” with the news that he would not be playing for India. But he acknowledges that the time off he had to take due to injury helped him get into a better bowling rhythm.

Kuldeep Yadav, a left-arm wrist spinner for the Indian side, “did not know how to deal” when he was cut from the squad, but he is no longer worried about falling short of his goals. After scoring a hat-trick for India A against New Zealand A in Chennai on Sunday.

I Am Not Afraid of Failures Now Said, Kuldeep Yadav

He made this statement after the match. The hosts were able to win the one-day series despite having one more match to go. In the previous year, Kuldeep had a setback when he injured his knee during the Indian Premier League and needed surgery in September.

He Couldn’t Do Anything for Months

He was unable to participate in any activities for many months. This year he also sustained a hairline fracture in his wrist, which kept him out of India’s Twenty20 International series against South Africa in June and the subsequent white-ball tours of Ireland and England.

According to Kuldeep, the time he spent away from the competition allowed him to improve his rhythm, which helped him come back stronger. After today’s game, he expressed his frustration by stating, “I did not know how to deal with not receiving enough playing time.”

“After the [knee] injury layoff of four months, I realized that I need to bowl faster and started working on it. During that time, I was unable to bowl at my normal speed. I no longer have a fear of failing at things. When you fail, you learn.

When I returned to the Indian side in January, I did not feel any anxiety about the possibility of failing. I aimed to have pleasure in the competition. My main objective is to maintain my current excellent lengths.

I have no control over whether or not I take wickets; all I can do is a bowl in productive areas. To tell you the truth, while I was wounded and making my way back from there, I needed to grasp my rhythm. I may have been moving at a snail’s pace.

After having surgery, I was able to change my rhythm and bowl with more effort and control. Kuldeep was added to the squad in January for the three-match One-Day International series against the West Indies.

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He Replaced Washington Sundar in February’s T20s Against Sri Lanka

This came after his post-surgery rehabilitation process was completed. However, before the wrist ailment forced him to miss further time.

He only played in one one-day international match against West Indies and one twenty-over match against Sri Lanka. Following that, he competed for India in white ball matches in the West Indies and Zimbabwe in August.

Just before the New Zealand A challenge. “Coming back, I was bowling well in the IPL [this year] before I was struck in the nets and was out for two months.” “Coming back, I was bowling well in the IPL 2022 before I got hit in the nets.”

I bowled well in both the West Indies and Zimbabwe. I also did well in the West Indies. Both the accuracy and the speed were incredible. After that, on my way back, I was in the red ball match against New Zealand A.

I have also played two ODI games here, and the control was just as good in the first game as it was in the second. I am overjoyed to be here.” According to Kuldeep, the injuries he sustained, and the ensuing process of recuperation helped him get a deeper understanding of both himself and his body.

Finishing Off the Discussion

“If you continue to play, you will improve. You want to play more games, but you are unable to do so. The situation was so overwhelming that I had no idea how to deal with it. My accident turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

On the way back, after I had a better understanding of my body, I started to concentrate on my rhythm. It is difficult, but you also need to look at the opposite side of the equation. When playing for India, it is never an easy task.”

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