Jamey Chadwell’s “Cringeworthy” Speech Changed Everything

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In The Middle Of The Nine-Game Losing Streak That The Coastal Carolina Chanticleers Would Experience In 2017, interim coach Jamey Chadwell held a team meeting.

That Was Five Years Ago. He instructed the assistants to leave and closed the door in front of a group of players he knew didn’t like him.

Jamey Chadwell’s “Cringeworthy” Speech Changed Everything

Whatever was to be said in this room would be spoken, no matter how loud or unpleasant the exchange became. Let me have it, Chadwell told the team. To begin with, there was complete quiet.

Although Chadwell did wait. He had seen the resentment building for some time now, in the form of disapproving glances, flippant comments, and overt challenges to his authority. It wasn’t a secret, he said.

He was the unwelcome replacement instructor that no one hoped to have. The fact that he’d already been there for seven months was awful enough.

According to assistant coach Bill Durkin, players were skeptical of Chadwell since he had previously worked for an in-state rival, Charleston Southern. Freshman guard Trey Carter recalled how tense the gathering had been.

He found the silence as everyone waited for someone to speak to be “cringeworthy.”

They Said No Because Chadwell Was The Coach

They didn’t sign with Chadwell as head coach. He wasn’t like Joe Moglia, who resigned for health reasons.

Moglia was a weird CEO who hated regulation. Chadwell was a hands-on manager who anticipated results throughout the team’s winning run.

Chadwell remarked, “I know you want to say something” “I know you’re upset about recent events.

You may have it.” Several experienced soldiers did. Others of their criticism was general and some was focused at particular players.

Lack of respect damaged Chadwell more than dislike. Chadwell informed the team that he was chosen for a reason and some choices would not be changed.

“If you don’t join me, we can tank the rest of the season. Choose wisely.”Chadwell couldn’t backtrack. This wasn’t the challenge he anticipated, but he needed to confront it to grow.

“It was the worst year of my life,” he said of his first season as Coastal’s FBS interim coach. “Personally, it was gloomy.

 Looking back, the Lord shapes you so you may utilize the test to improve yourself, your family, your program, your organization, etc. Without ’17, our program and I wouldn’t be where we are now

.” Much has changed in five years. Coastal Carolina has gone from suffering during the FBS transition to prospering as a strong Group of 5 club, knocking out ranked opponents and staying in the top 25.

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“Pacific Or Atlantic” Would Invariably Follow Coastal

So This Happened There was once a time when mentioning Coastal would elicit the question “Pacific or Atlantic?” from the average college football fan.

Before the Chanticleers became a nationally recognized Group of 5 school, before many people even understood what a chanticleer was.

They were likely best known for two peculiar characteristics: their brilliant teal colored turf and a coach who was formerly the CEO of TD Ameritrade

. Moglia gave up a promising career in banking to become a coach, first serving as an adviser to Bo Pelini at Nebraska until taking over as head coach at Coastal in 2012. Fifty victories in his first five years as a manager speaks to his instant success.

 But Charleston Southern, who Chadwell has led since 2013 and who had won three of their previous four games, was a constant thorn in Moglia’s side. With 2017’s move to the FBS and the Sun Belt Conference in mind, Moglia had a thought.

There’s no reason not to have Chadwell join the team as the offensive coordinator. Therefore, the two trainers had a talk. Moglia began by expressing his admiration for Chadwell. Then he explained his strategy.

Now you know that my name continues coming up for numerous career prospects,” Moglia claimed he informed Chadwell. So if we do decide to leave Coastal, you’ll have the option to either come with me or take over the company.

 Moglia added, “Eventually I’m going to stand down and when I do, barring something insane, you may succeed me then.” if another employment opportunity didn’t present itself.

Hadwell Was Captivated

Hadwell was enthralled. He’d learn from Moglia, a unique coach, on a team going to FBS. Moglia delegated well but thought regulations were silly. He dedicated 30 minutes a week to teach life skills. Before 2016, the team simulated discussions.

Chadwell was privileged to be a head coach at 39, but he wanted more. Telling his Charleston Southern staff and players he was leaving was difficult, he said. People criticized him. He sought maturity. What if? Over two years, Moglia’s health plummeted.

 Moglia’s allergy-related cough persisted, and Chadwell had problems breathing in university. X-rays and exams revealed mold in Moglia’s lungs. His doctor warned him. Physiotherapy helps him live normally.

He’d become worse, have fewer treatment options, and need an oxygen tank. Moglia warned Chadwell he’d leave before preseason. Seven months after becoming O.C., Moglia named Chadwell interim head coach. Chadwell worried about Moglia’s health. Realized: “Two days to go. I’m stuck.”

Chadwell coached at North Greenville and Delta State, although he didn’t know the players or staff. Moglia responded “we shouldn’t get into that” when asked whether he should replace Chadwell. Chadwell couldn’t foresee FBS’s influence. Chadwell didn’t like Coastal’s 38-28 win against UMass.

When He Know Many Things Went Wrong

As head coach, he knew many things went wrong. He worried about team depth and competitiveness. I predicted a lengthy season. Chadwell thinks the complaints meeting helped Coastal win again.

 Because of the program’s orientation, over a dozen athletes transferred. Coastal almost beat Arkansas away. The Chanticleers finished the season 2-0. Chadwell admitted impersonating someone.

 “I did what Coach told me to do. Stuck. You’re recruiting unemployed coaches. Coordinator, head coach, quarterback coach.” Chadwell ignored quarterbacks. “I’m busy,” he said. “My critics were right.

 I was lacking. Good. Some things hurt, but others needed work.” Chadwell was O.C. for Moglia’s 2018 season. Chadwell was impressed by Moglia’s managerial style. Communication dominated.

Chadwell learnt to solve the most important problem first. “X doesn’t effect winning or losing, therefore I won’t be rigorous,” he said. Importance.

Chadwell didn’t ask “What am I going to do?” after Moglia’s 5-7 season. 2017 taught him something. “It taught me I can change, he said. Adaptable”

December 2021

It was December 2021, the day before the Cure Bowl versus Northern Illinois. Players showered. Carter was leaving Brooks Stadium when he saw the lights still on. On the grass, his teammates sat.

Joined Carter. Seniors. Gallagher, Kelly, Schrimpf. Isaiah Likely appeared. Their growth was applauded. They pointed out second-level seats that weren’t there when they began. Carter recalled 2017.

 “We were mocked. On campus, no football gear. Confused?” They spoke about 2019 being huge. First-year coach Chadwell altered everything. Chadwell wasn’t a Moglia clone. Carter said he was rigorous but could connect with them because he knew them.

 Their 5-7 losses were by 10 points just twice. Talented Just close games. Carter: “We were privileged to finish in two years.”

They’re done. They beat No. 21 Louisiana in 2020. Two months later, they beat No. 13 BYU. Both seasons, Coastal won 11. How? Carter said, “Trust.” Their 2017 sucked. Broken but reconstructed.

In their final game, Carter said the seniors felt like family. After graduation, Carter joined Chadwell’s coaching staff. Coastal defeated Buffalo, Gardner-Webb, and Army. Thursday’s opponent is Georgia State.

The Chanticleers’.893 win percentage since 2020 is second in the FBS (.935). Chadwell was Moglia’s likely Power 5 successor. Chadwell? Coastal’s athletics chair and football executive wasn’t startled by the reports.

 Bryan Harsin’s name will display if fired. Chadwell isn’t speculating. “Perhaps” he phoned South Carolina and Tennessee when their jobs opened. Such alternatives were “maybe” examined, he said.

He indicated the season isn’t serious yet. Excuse his promotion reluctance. Five years ago, he was temporary head coach and unsure how to handle players who wanted him gone. He admitted defeat.

Hearing he’s a Power 5 competitor is shocking.” People say, “They’re fine.” I’ve remained at Coastal Carolina since then. So, Coach Moglia, that’s how I feel about this location.”

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