Mayfield and Panthers Take on Browns As Season Opener

Mayfield and Panthers Take on Browns As Season Opener Featured Image

The most courageous quarterback in the NFL facing off against the team that dumped him without a proper send-off after four seasons.

Get the popcorn ready, this may get interesting.

A highlight of Week 1 is the “Baker Bowl,” which pits the Carolina Panthers against the Cleveland Browns in a matchup featuring Baker Mayfield, the No. 1 overall choice in the 2018 NFL Draft, and his Carolina Panthers.

Mayfield explained why the Browns choose to bench him in favor of Deshaun Watson “suddenly and unexpectedly,” but he added that he loves living in Carolina and is working hard to become a franchise quarterback again.

We’ve arrived at our destination at this time, “As Mayfield put it. I’ve learned to accept whatever comes my way because “everything happens for a reason.”

Mayfield is known for playing with a chip on his shoulder in revenge games, so it’s doubtful that he has forgiven or forgotten the Browns for their treatment of him.

Mayfield Was The quarterback In a Game Two Weeks Ago: As Reported By A Sideline Reporter

Mayfield made the remark to a sideline reporter two weeks ago, saying he was “going to (expletive) them up” in reference to the Browns. Although Mayfield insists he didn’t say such things, the encounter has just added to the buzz around what is sure to be a highly combustible environment at Bank of America Stadium.

Ben McAdoo, the offensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers, stated that Mayfield, the team’s fifth-year quarterback, has been “all business” this week.

“Let’s just focus on the particulars of preparing to play a game,” McAdoo has said after talking with Baker. We are all aware that this is a business setting and not a social one.

Mayfield and Panthers Take on Browns As Season Opener Post Image

The Browns Have Faith That Mayfield Will Show His True Colors Soon

Browns running back Nick Chubb said, “He always has that underdog mindset so I’m sure he’ll be ready.” Expect him to be pumped up.

Last year, the Panthers had the second-most turnovers in the league and ended with a 5-12 record. They believe that if they give Mayfield more leeway to be himself and make plays, he would make fewer errors.

McAdoo said, “We can’t be chasing flawless plays.” We have to avoid the nasty ones at all costs.

McAdoo remarked, “if I don’t trust the quarterback in this system, then I don’t trust myself,” implying that he fully trusts Mayfield to make audible calls at the line of scrimmage when necessary.

When Asked About The New System, Mayfield Said, “This System Is Going To Suit Me Well.”

When asked about playing Mayfield, Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski said it was just another game for his squad.

“Browns against. Panthers,” Stefanski said. It’s not hard to figure out. The Browns will have to wait to meet their new franchise quarterback, but in the meanwhile, they must “prepare for their offense, defense, and special teams.”

With Watson sitting out the first 11 games of the season due to his suspension, the team turns to veteran backup quarterback Jacoby Brissett. Watson just signed a fully guaranteed five-year, $230 million deal.

Watson accepted the suspension after receiving allegations from over two dozen women of sexual assault or harassment. The Browns and Panthers will be playing in Week 1, and there are a few other things you should know about this game.

Do You Know the Opening Weak?

This statistic may be the most telling of the Browns’ troubles over the last two decades, considering how poor they’ve been for most of that time. Since 1999, they have a record of 1-21-1 when the season first begins.

This horrible start for Cleveland has seen both crushing defeats and heartbreaking defeats at the very end. The Browns’ 33-29 loss to the Chiefs in last year’s highly anticipated season opener set the tone for a disappointing year. The game turned when then-Browns punter Jamie Gillan mishandled a kick.

The Browns realize that this game is crucial despite being just one of the season. Brissett emphasized how crucial that was. “Coach has been stressing the importance of getting out to a quick start.”

The So-Called Hunt Club

Last year, Cleveland’s offense struggled in part because of Kareem Hunt’s suspension. Although Chubb carried for 1,259 yards in 14 games, the Browns lost their star running back for nine games due to injury.

During the summer of 2018, Hunt refused to participate in practice exercises as a form of protest over the Browns’ refusal to offer him a contract extension. Chubb is sure his teammate and best buddy won’t be sidetracked by any residual hostility.

Chubb added, “He loves football, he’s passionate about it, and he likes playing together on this team, so at end of the day, he’s going to wear his pads on, go out there, and play hard for us anyway.”

Thrown Into The Fire

Ickey Ekwonu, a rookie left tackle for the Panthers, will be thrust into action right away.

This April’s No. 6 overall selection anticipates playing some snaps opposite All-Pro defensive end Myles Garrett. For his career, Garrett has 58 1/2 sacks in five seasons with the Browns, including four consecutive seasons in which he had double-digit sack totals (including a career-high 16 in 2017).

It took Ekwonu a while to earn the starting quarterback job because of his difficulties in pass protection throughout training camp.

Ekwonu smiled when asked whether he would rather test the waters against a weaker opponent. he answered, “I can’t really choose my fights. Regardless of who is in front of me, we each have our own tasks to do, and the best man should ultimately prevail.

Panthers head coach Matt Rhule indicated the team will assist Ekwonu in pass protection, but noted that “you can’t do it the whole game.”

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