Mohammad Hasnain is Good for Pakistan If Managed Properly

Mohammad Hasnain is Good for Pakistan If Managed Properly Featured Image

Mohammad Hasnain possesses the raw speed and skill to be a classic Pakistani fast bowler. Mohammad Hasnain is good for Pakistan if managed properly. But somewhere along the highly guarded state secret is the Pakistan pace-bowling manufacturing line. They neglected to add ebullient confidence and instead replaced it with a delicate fragility.

Mohammad Hasnain is Good for Pakistan If Managed Properly

Hasnain had controlled the day for his team and kept them in the game to defend a total they had no chance of protecting. But he had finally caved under the strain in the final moments. Hasnain’s self-doubt grew with each boundary Liam Dawson struck, the young quick’s pride suffering a body blow as Dawson pounded hard at the ball.

By the time, the over finished, Hasnain, who looks both like the happiest child in the world and like someone on the point of being overwhelmed, was punch-drunk and Pakistan was on the brink of defeat.

Being Good is Not Always Enough, to Do Extraordinary

The 22-year-old possesses Pakistan cricket’s most contagious, sugary grin, but he did not even bother to raise his head as he stumbled towards the midwicket boundary. Hasnain had England on the ropes on the powerplay and had lit up Karachi earlier that night.

Six consecutive yorkers, four of them to the same batter who had just ripped him apart, were thrown by him in the 16th over, yet he still managed to win. Another guy indicated his run-up as he stepped onto the boundary rope and kept his gaze firmly on the ground.

Nothing went wrong on the assembly line the day they made Haris Rauf; in fact, they may have given him some of Hasnain’s outgoing charm and self-assurance. England has suddenly found themselves in a position to win a game in which they have no business being competitive. Pakistan’s mood has shifted from elation to despair in the space of one over.

Rauf, though, speaks for all Lahore Qalandars, thus he is no stranger to this emotion. Clearly perplexed, Babar Azam is holding his head in his hands. As a native of Lahore, many locals hoped he would play for the city’s Qalandars in the Pakistan Super League.

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Showing What is Capable Off Can be A Good Sign

Given recent developments, it is hard to see that happening anytime soon. However, he has just been given a sample of what he might anticipate if he decides to make the move from Karachi. Rauf has simplified it down to an elementary equation.

There is a batter and a bowler; if the bowler can match the batter’s speed, the batter’s stumps will be knocked over. Rauf’s look says he either has complete faith in the challenging task he has been given or has no idea what he is doing. Rauf often exhibits this kind of conflicted emotional state as pressure mounts.

Earlier in his career, he was seen to have “bottled it” when things did not go his way, and he was accused of lacking situational awareness. In reality, he had been given a medical pass and ordered to pull out the greatest theft in the history.

When Dawson hits what seems like a slower, shorter ball over midwicket for four, reducing the required rate to five of ten, that option is entirely off the table.

Mark Butcher, commenting on the film, says that Dawson is “always the bridesmaid, never the bride,” though he may have thought he had carved out a starring position for himself by this point. Pakistan has participated in more Twenty20 Internationals than any other team in the world.

However, they comprehend this format less than any other side on days like today. After seeing the ball go hit out of the park, Rauf comes charging in with the identical delivery. However, this time he has done away with the crafty variations and deft sleights of hand that are essential to twenty-over bowling nowadays.

An Insecurity Behind His Performance Remains

Likely, he raced in as he would have when playing gully cricket in the streets of Rawalpindi, or during his tryout for the Lahore Qalandars’ Pace Development Programme, which propelled him into the spotlight.

Rauf’s strengths and preferences lie in this style of cricket. Since he was Pakistani, rapid bowling was expected of him. Dawson is caught off guard by the fast speed and little width of the ball, and he pulls weakly onto the inside, where it is caught by Mohammad Haris, who came on as a replacement, in the middle of the wicket.

This provides Pakistan with a narrow window of opportunity, but Rauf now looks to be detached from the situation and to be operating from outside of it. He is completely oblivious to the gravity of the situation as he waits menacingly at the bottom of his run-up as rookie Olly Stone stands guard.

Stone is not very skilled in this area, but Rauf is. Rauf has simplified it down to an elementary equation. There is a batter and a bowler; if the bowler can match the batter’s speed, the batter’s stumps will be knocked over. It is the most primal and exciting dismissal any bowler can imagine in their mind’s eye.

Karachi’s animal instincts have been roused by Rauf’s current demeanor. It is so quick that Stone has not even finished his back lift when the ball has already sped past the outside edge and cannoned into off stump.

Observations Through A Few Scenarios

With the air of a man who knew the conclusion all along, Hari struts to his captain at short cover, and the ball ricochets away to deep third. Already his mind is on the next delivery, and poor Reece Topley. Even though England is just five runs away, it seems like years since Dawson reached the boundary.

That is beyond the point now, as Rauf targets a hat trick, which is how he and Karachi both think the game should conclude. Topley’s ankles take a direct hit as the ball is blasted down at 156 kilometers per hour. Even though it is clearly falling, he has no control over Rauf’s review.

With just one ball remaining, Adil Rashid attempts to utilize it as a shield against the hit, but Hawk-Eye reveals that it is gone and was really thrown outside leg. England is four runs down, but a bat to a ball blasted down at 155kph looks impossible.

Finishing Off the Discussion

They are hopelessly doomed to fail. After two more balls, they decided to go for a single that would put Pakistan in a position to win. They are all flustered and agitated because of Rauf’s visit. From the edge, Hasnain makes a beeline for the group huddling together in the center of the circle.

The grin is back, and the person’s head is up this time. Rauf’s escape would be impossible without his first surge of speed. However, he is content to let Rauf steal the show. And Haris Rauf is delighted to revel in his acclaim.

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