Murali And Vettori Reveal Their Spin Bowling Strategies

Murali And Vettori Reveal Their Spin Bowling Strategies Featured Image

Bowlers are encouraged by modern-day greats to make use of the bounce in their games. Who among the spin bowlers has the best chance of winning the Twenty20 World Cup in Australia?

Murali And Vettori Reveal Their Spin Bowling Strategies

If you ask Muthiah Muralidaran, he will tell you that he favors wrist-spinners like Wanindu Hasaranga, who just won Player of the Tournament at the Asia Cup.

If you ask Daniel Vettori, he will tell you that he thinks finger spinners like R Ashwin will get more out of those surfaces. Both, though, are in agreement on one point, and that is to make the most of the bounce in Australia.

Vettori Emphasized Importance of Skill of Applying Topspin

The art of imparting topspin was highlighted by Vettori in particular, as Nathan Lyon had done with great success in Test cricket on these very grounds.

At a media event in Kolkata, Vettori stated, “In New Zealand and Australia, as well as England to a lesser extent, it is about all the drift and the number of revolutions you get on the ball.

On the other hand, the wicket can do a little more work for you in the subcontinent. And based on the way Ashwin bowls in Test matches, we can all agree that he excels at it [topspin].

The fact is that he just finished a fantastic IPL and is one of those individuals who are incredibly versatile and knows what to do in every circumstance.

He will be aware of what to do if chosen. He has spent a lot of time in Australia. The majority of India’s many spinners are also all-rounders, which makes them stand out and offers them a lot of balance.”

Muralidaran, on the other hand, thinks that a wrist-spinner has the advantage because it can produce more sidespin. He thinks that kind of talent makes Hasaranga, who recorded nine wickets at an average of 18.88 during the Asia Cup, the one to watch out for.

Legspinners have a better chance in Australia than finger spinners because you can obtain a sideways spin and bounce would help, according to Muralidaran.

“Hasaranga is a risky opponent to bat against, therefore I anticipate that he will be challenging. However, there are still some players who are talented.

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Performances Talk Everywhere When It Need or Not

“He is an excellent bowler in the T20 format. He has had a lot of success, which is why he has also competed for the [Royal Challengers] Bangalore.

[Royal Challengers Bangalore] In the past two to three years, he has accomplished a lot of fantastic things. He is not an ancient man by any means; he is somewhere between the ages of 26 and 27 [25 years old].

However, I don’t really talk about spin bowling with him very often. Because I don’t see him very often, I can only assume that he is discussing his goals for improvement with Sri Lanka’s spin bowling coach. They have one.”

Because of their low Twenty20 International ranking at the time the cutoff was made to determine who receives direct entry into the Twenty20 World Cup.

Sri Lanka is required to play through the first round of matches in order to qualify for the Super 12 stage of the tournament. Even though Muralidaran considers it sad, he isn’t really concerned about it at all.

“In the most recent few years, our team consisted mostly of younger players. They have gained some experience and played the finest cricket during the Asia Cup; hence, they are deserving winners of the tournament “Muralidaran stated.

“They are a strong opponent, but we had too many losses in the previous years to qualify for the tournament without first going through the playoffs. As a result, we will have to compete against other teams in the postseason. As things are right now, I am optimistic that we will have success in the World Cup as well.”

Finishing Off

Both Vettori and Muralidaran addressed the media in advance of the Legends League Cricket tournament, which will begin on Friday at Eden Gardens with an exhibition match between an India XI and a World XI.

Both Vettori and Muralidaran participated in the event. The major action will start on Saturday, and it will feature players such as Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir, Chris Gayle, Jacques Kallis, Shane Watson, Ross Taylor, Graeme Swann, and Brett Lee, to name just a few. The four teams will compete against one another.

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