New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins: NFL Week 1 New, Time, and Prediction

New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins NFL Week 1 Odds, Time, and Prediction Featured Image

During the first week of the 2022 NFL season, the Miami Dolphins will play host to the New England Patriots at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. The match is scheduled to take place at 1:00 p.m. on the 11th of September (local time).

The bookies believe that the hosts will continue their winning streak against this opponent and deem them odds-on favorites to do so. The hosts have won four matches in a row against this opponent.

Is it fair to say that the oddsmakers have Miami pegged as the betting favorite? This is the topic that will be addressed in our Patriots vs. Dolphins preview, and we will do our best to provide an answer.

New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins Match Overview

  • Date: Sunday, September 11, 2022
  • Time: 1:00 PM ET
  • Place: Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida
  • How to Watch: CBS

Is It Possible for Bill Belichick to Outsmart the Competition?

The 2022 Miami Dolphins could have a stronger roster of superstar players than the New England Patriots. If you look at each player on both teams, you’ll likely decide that the Dolphins are the superior squad.

The Patriots, though, do have the superior coach. Bill Belichick, 70 years old and a Super Bowl champion with the Patriots, is the guy in question. Tom Brady has been the starting quarterback for all of the Super Bowl victories. However, since leaving for Tampa, Belichick has put greater emphasis on the defense.

New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins NFL Week 1 Odds, Time, and Prediction Post Image

That doesn’t mean the Patriots’ new quarterback is any less talented than the last one. Mac Jones just had an outstanding first season. Even so, we don’t anticipate him to have a major factor in the first game. The Patriots’ best hope of defeating the Dolphins lies instead with their defensive players.

The problem is that Miami’s new coach was most recently an offensive assistant elsewhere. Michael McDaniel, 39, took over for the defensive-minded Brian Flores. Given this, it stands to reason that the Dolphins will prioritize offensive heavily in 2022.

The 2022 Season is a Pivotal One for the Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins’ 9-8 record from last year wasn’t good enough to get them into the playoffs. It’s been six years since they qualified for postseason play, but 2022 is still a possibility.

Tua Tagovailoa, Miami’s quarterback, is the clearest example of a vital athlete who is no longer young and experienced. After being drafted by the Dolphins in 2020.

The Hawaiian is now in his third year and is poised to become a new NFL superstar. Fortunately, he will have a wide receiver on his team to assist him to succeed.

Tyreek Hill, a wideout with the Kansas City Chiefs in the past, is the guy in question. The speedy Hill, who goes by the nickname “Cheetah,” may be just what Miami’s offense needs.

The New England Patriots Will Beat the Miami Dolphins, According to Our Prediction

In the year 2022, Miami’s offensive will be their most potent weapon. Despite this, we are certain that Belichick’s players have what it takes to compete with the other team.

The previous time they faced off against the Dolphins, they allowed 33 points to be scored against them.

But we anticipate that they will do far better this time around. As a result of their strong defensive play, they should have no trouble coming out on top.

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