Pittsburgh Steelers: Encouraged By T.J.’s Injury Prognosis

Pittsburgh Steelers Encouraged By T.J.'s Injury Prognosis Featured Image

The Pittsburgh Steelers are now awaiting the results of a second and third evaluation of T.J. Despite Watt having what is believed to be a torn pectoral muscle, head coach Mike Tomlin expressed optimism on the future of his top pass-rusher.

Tomlin said on Tuesday that the team is “probably in a much better position than we were after the game.” I can say with absolute certainty that T.J. won’t play next week when the Patriots, but I won’t necessarily make any guarantees beyond that.

Listen To People’s Perspectives, Act As Necessary

When asked whether they thought Watt’s injury would end his season, the Steelers said that they did not think so. We are encouraged, and we will just continue looking into the matter, gathering opinions, and acting appropriately.

When directly asked whether they believe Watt’s injury would end his season, the Steelers responded in the affirmative. Unquestionably, this points to the fact that.

Watt seemed to rip his left pectoral muscle as he sought to tackle the Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow in the dying seconds of regulation time. Watt reported his decision to leave the game to the attending medical staff as soon as he entered the locker room.

In addition, Watt reported to the medical personnel that he had suffered a tear to his pec while extra time was being played.

When Asked If Watt Will Be Placed On IR, Tomlin Was Vague

Since this game is a counter, we have time to make choices of that kind, including those involving injury report players who must be cared for by the end of the season Tomlin said. We are not in a hurry, thus we are not pressing to learn everything immediately.

His physical condition will be monitored closely. We plan on asking for outside feedback to make an informed decision. At the end of the week, or at some unspecified time in the future, we will act maturely.

Up to eight players on injured reserve may be activated by the Steelers throughout the course of the season, with each player being eligible for two activations. The Steelers would lose Watt for at least four games if he were placed on injured reserve.

Pittsburgh Steelers Encouraged By T.J.'s Injury Prognosis Post Image

Tomlin wouldn’t confirm or deny on Tuesday if surgery was out of the question for Watt, which might influence his long-term availability. However, head coach Mike Tomlin has not committed to starting any of the new players on Sunday.

So the Steelers would also bring in outside assistance for practice. Outside linebackers Malik Reed and Jamir Jones, who were both grabbed off waivers by the Steelers organization, will get the most of the playing time in Watt’s absence.

Finishing Up

I feel like maybe we’ve already gotten some of the kinks out of the system today. It’s unclear, however, whether or not this will increase engagement.

The positive outlook about quarterback Najee Harris’ lower-body injury also pleased Tomlin. Harris’s left foot Lisfranc sprain, which kept him out of training camp, did not worsen, he stated on Tuesday.

Najee is a really upbeat person. Being young is wonderful. It seems like he’s in a good position, but he still has to get more reps in to show that he’s really ready.

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