Raiders vs Titans Week 3 Odds and Prediction

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After the end of Week 2 of the 2022 NFL season, in which the Las Vegas Raiders were dealt a devastating loss, our attention moves to the Silver and Black’s Week 3 matchup against the Tennessee Titans.

 This game will take place in Tennessee. It is anticipated that this matchup, which includes two teams who are doing all in their power to keep their hopes alive of making it into the AFC Playoffs and which will take place away from the home turf of the Raiders, will be a hard-fought and difficult affair.

Raiders vs Titans Week 3 Odds and Prediction

The Titans faced the Buffalo Bills in their Week 2 game, which was played on the road on Monday night. The Bills were able to maintain their lead throughout the whole contest, winning by a large margin.

Their defense allowed Josh Allen and his teammates to score more than 40 points because they were unable to stop Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs working together as a combination offensive threat.

It would be fantastic if Derek Carr and Davante Adams could repeat the strong play that they had the prior week when the game is played on Sunday.

Week 3 Odds: Raiders at Titans

Even though they were beaten by the Cardinals in the game that took place during Week 2, FanDuel Sportsbook has the Raiders ranked as the favorite to win when they face Tennessee away from their home field.

The point spread between the two teams is now set at 2.5 points with the Raiders getting the advantage; but, as we move closer to kickoff, there is a chance that this might change.

It is clear that the oddsmakers do not expect a significant number of goals to be scored in this specific matchup given that the over/under for this game has been set at 46.5. If you bet on the Raiders using the money line, the odds are -134, but if you bet on the Titans.

 You will win back twice as much according to the Titans’ plus-114 odds. If you bet on the Titans, you will win back twice as much thanks to their odds.

Although it is still early in the season for both of these teams, they are both battling for their playoff lives despite the fact that this game comes at the beginning of the season for both of them.

Neither of these teams has realized their potential so far in the season.

Prediction Week 3: Raiders at Titans

The Las Vegas Raiders football team has never played a whole game of football before, so this is going to be an excellent test for them since they have never played all four quarters of football in a single game before.

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Although they played well in the second half of Week 1’s game against the Chargers and the early half of Week 2’s match against Arizona, they are yet to earn their first win of the season as they prepare for this contest.

 In Week 2, Arizona’s head coach Josh McDaniels took his foot off the pedal, and as a result, the Wildcats were able to keep themselves in the game long enough to win in overtime over Las Vegas.

Since Josh McDaniels was able to lead his team to victory despite having to play extra time, it is safe to assume that the growing pains he had earlier in his career are now behind him. He will be competing against Mike Vrabel, a guy who is well known to a large number of people.

 If Las Vegas is able to pound the ball inside while also using players like Adams in the passing game, they should be able to pull off a victory, although a narrow one, but it will likely be a close one.

Final Score: Raiders- 24, Titans- 21

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