Sam Burns at Chick-fil-A Between Presidents Cup and Sanderson Farms Championship

Sam Burns At Chick-fil-A Presidents Cup - Farms Championship Featured Image

Sam Burns at Chick-Fil-A between Presidents Cup and Sanderson Farms Championship. While traveling to The Country Club of Jackson on Wednesday morning to plot out his strategy for defending his championship. And it has happened at the Sanderson Farms Championship, Sam Burns gave himself some time to reflect on his previous victories.

Burns is trying to recall the specifics of his previous five appearances in the tournament, but he has forgotten some of them due to the passage of time. This is reasonable given the amount of pandemonium that comes along with having a great golf career such as his.

Burns Has Stated Something Tweaking Last Week

Burns is now rated 12th in the world, and he made his debut in the Presidents Cup competition last week, during which he helped the United States team win the trophy for their division.

However, the part that the Sanderson event played in assisting Burns in getting his career off the ground is something that sticks out in his memory to this day.

His start in the 2017 event was his first as a professional on the PGA Tour. Burns, a former standout for LSU, said on Tuesday that he remembered feeling “very, really anxious.”

To be fair, I did anticipate it happening. When it comes to that particular week, though, my anxiety levels are over the roof. I think having a lot of friends and family here was pretty great and going out.

He was trying to figure out where my game matched up against people on the PGA Tour, that’s what I remember most. Burns shot a two-under-par round on that particular weekend in 2017 and ended tied for 43rd.

Sam Burns At Chick-fil-A Presidents Cup - Farms Championship Post Image

His Recent Visit to Jackson’s Exclusive Country Club

He had much better luck on his most recent visit to Jackson’s exclusive Country Club. Burns won the competition with a score of 22 under par, a new course record.

What it means to me is that I’ve been able to perform well at this venue for several years, he remarked. The course’s unique features bring up fond memories for Burns.

He noted that the course’s grass and overall type of layout were familiar to him since he grew up in a similar environment in Louisiana. Also, he has the experience necessary to play well on Thursday at 1:28 p.m., when he tees off. ET.

First and foremost, you need to be a good driver, according to Burns, since the Bermuda rough is so unpredictable. The greens are lightning quick, but I believe that if you position yourself properly, you can make a lot of putts.

Finishing Off This Discussion

So clean are the rolling greens. I believe it’s a mix of driving the ball well and giving yourself a lot of chances on the greens. Burns’ schedule didn’t leave him much downtime after the Presidents Cup ended on Sunday, but the Sanderson Farms’ closeness to his home in Choudrant, Louisiana, made up for it.

Burns spent a few hours out of the sight of the public, making grocery store trips for his wife and chowing down on a salad, nuggets, and fries inside the local Chick-fil-A. When you’re out here, it might seem like you’re juggling two lives, Burns said.

You’re out on the road playing and then you go home and see friends and people that you don’t get to see as much. Not seeing many friends over the last several days has made coming home and unwinding all the more welcome.

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