The Defeat Hurts Tom Brady and The Buccaneers Dropped To 3-5

The Defeat Hurts Tom Brady and The Buccaneers, Who Dropped To 3-5 Featured Image

Even though some of his colleagues had already left for the night, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady was still dressed in full gear. Thursday night at Raymond James Stadium, he was sad as he stood in front of his locker. Brady was looking at the floor of his locker.

Buccaneers Fell Against Baltimore Ravens

The Buccaneers’ loss to the Baltimore Ravens, which was their fifth in the last six games, dropped Brady’s record to 3-5 as a starter for the first time in his illustrious 23-year NFL career.

With his arms folded and his face flushed, Brady still very much wore the sting of the loss, which was their fifth loss in the last six games.

While teammate quarterback Ryan Griffin and quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen took turns patting him on the back, the backup quarterback Blaine Gabbert sat next to him and offered words of consolation.

Tristan Wirfs, the right tackle, was standing across from Tom Brady’s locker when he made the statement. “I know he’s pretty harsh on himself.” “Everyone here is critical of themselves. Because of how unpleasant this sensation is right now; we are going to put in all of our efforts to have this issue resolved as soon as possible.”

Wide receiver Mike Evans stated that nobody is pointing the blame at Tom Brady. “Nobody’s doing that,” Evans said. “It involves the whole group. Played in teams. The pinnacle of competition among teams.

There is more than one participant involved. It never has been.” After a few moments, Brady stepped up to the podium.

He made the statement, “I don’t believe you can erase what transpired over the last eight weeks.” “We have to dig deep, figure out who we are as a group, come to work, and make every effort to become better so that we can give ourselves a greater opportunity to win.”

The Defeat Hurts Tom Brady and The Buccaneers, Who Dropped To 3-5 Post Image

His Teammates Know This, Which Adds To The Bucs’ Series of Losses

Considering that he is 45 years old and in the last year of his contract with the Buccaneers, as well as the fact that he has previously retired from the NFL once for forty days during the offseason, this might be his final season in the National Football League.

The fact that his colleagues are all acutely aware of this truth contributes to the devastation caused by the Bucs’ string of defeats in 2022.

Wirfs said, “I hope he plays for as long as he possibly can.” “I wish that we could keep playing together forever. I adore Tom. If this is his last year on earth, or whatever the case may be, I hope that everything is going as well as humanly possible for him.

We’re simply trying to get the ball rolling, but it may be aggravating when things aren’t going as planned and you don’t have the solution there in front of you.”

Evans added, “He is the very greatest person who has ever done it. I mean, he despises coming in second place. That’s the only thing he cares about, winning, and the current record of 3-5 is not acceptable, so we have to start turning things around as quickly as we can.”

Throughout the whole of the season, they have not been able to score any points. They were able to take the lead, 10-3, in the first quarter thanks to a touchdown run of just one yard that they scored in their first possession.

This Was Their First Season-Opening Touchdown

This was the first time all season that they scored a touchdown on their opening drive. However, they wouldn’t get another touchdown until just 53 seconds were remaining in the game when Tom Brady connected with Julio Jones on an 8-yard pass.

It was the first score of the season for both of them, which is especially impressive considering that Jones, who was slated to play a significant part in their offense, has been out with a knee injury for the last three games.

After losing starting outside linebacker Shaq Barrett to an Achilles injury that, according to ESPN’s sources, might finish his season, the defense collapsed in the second half. After that, the Bucs gave up three touchdowns and their offense stalled.

To lose games with Brady is “certainly challenging,” as linebacker Lavonte David put it. “All the accolades he’d earned over his career. It’s not easy to be the kind of man he is, the kind of football player he is, or the kind of leader he is.

He’s going through the same range of feelings as we are. We’ve got the men power to attempt to turn things around. On the other hand, it has to originate from someplace.”

Finishing Line

Coach Todd Bowles has suggested his squad would use the extended weekend to discuss potential roster adjustments.

Bowles has promised an in-depth discussion on any topics this coming weekend. If you are not doing well, the whole team will address the reasons why.

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