The Jets like Quinnen Williams’ Hit on the Dolphins

The Jets like Quinnen Williams' hit on the Dolphins. Hill's Featured Image

On Sunday, defensive lineman Quinnen Williams of the New York Jets used a violent stiff arm to run down wide receiver Tyreek Hill of the Miami Dolphins on a fumble return. The play became a sensation on social media and was hailed by the Jets following their 40-17 victory at MetLife Stadium.

An End on Defense for The Jets

John Franklin-Myers, a defensive end with the Jets, expressed his displeasure with Hill’s decision to not play for the team during the summer. Franklin-Myers said Hill’s words at the time were “disrespectful” to the Jets.

They took immense pleasure in seeing the 303-pound Williams throw him to the ground, which brought them great satisfaction. “After the entire, ‘Jets, who?’ incident, we just played with a chip on our shoulder,” Franklin-Myers said.

“We just played with a chip on our shoulder.” “I believe that made a lot of people feel uncomfortable.” In recent days, according to Franklin-Myers, Hill’s comments have been “circulating Twitter.”

“That got my blood pumping. Even though I do not get worked up about a lot of things and I do not care what other people have to say, I find it to be disrespectful, and I do not like being disrespected.

No matter who you are, you shouldn’t act in that manner.” It was in March, not long after Hill had been dealt away from the Kansas City Chiefs, and he was the subject of Hill’s remarks.

An Event for The Media in South Florida

During Hill’s first press conference in South Florida, reporters wanted to know whether the New York Jets were in the running to become his team of choice.

He responded with a smile and said, “Who? Who are those? Nah, buddy, I always had it in the back of my mind that I was going to go with Miami no matter what.”

Hill, who was allowed by the Chiefs to negotiate a deal with other clubs, drew the attention of the Jets, who were interested in making a trade for him. He was free to choose any of the sides.

Last week, Hill walked back some of his earlier statements and said that he was “quite close” to choosing the Jets. He said that the absence of a state income tax in Florida was the reason that swayed his decision. Too late. Already, it had struck a chord with the Jets, and it continued to do so.

Franklin-Myers Said, “The Message Remains.”

Franklin-Myers affirmed that “the message is still the message” in his statement. “You may laugh it off and brush it off, but it wasn’t something that I liked, and the team didn’t enjoy that either.”

Hill, who came into the day leading the league in receiving yards with 477, was only able to snag passes for 47 yards.

He had seven receptions. There is little question that the fact that the Dolphins switched quarterbacks on the second play of the game, with rookie Skylar Thompson taking over for injured fill-in starter Teddy Bridgewater, had a role in the team’s loss.

Hill, who weighs 191 pounds, tried to tackle Williams with 9 minutes and 13 seconds left in the fourth quarter. However, Williams was able to avoid the contact and pick up a loose ball after defensive end Carl Lawson completed a strip sack.

Hill’s day was ruined as he was pushed aside by the crashing defensive tackle. The situation did not work in Hill’s favor. The Jets were given the ball at the Miami 5-yard line after the return of 12 yards.

After a few more minutes, running back Breece Hall scored the touchdown that put an end to the game with the score 33-17.

Sheldon Rankins, another defensive lineman, remembers the play while laughing at his locker and having an enjoyable time. “You want to see a huge guy go in the end zone and do a little dance but sending another human being into the ground is a close second,” Rankins said.

“You want to see a large man get in the end zone and do a little dance.” “That comes in at a pretty respectable second place.”

Finishing Line

Rankins said that he believed Hill would “attempt to chop [Williams] low” to make the open-field tackle. Williams was running away from Hill. “No, he just rushed straight into Quinnen’s arms, and Quinnen extended his arm and.” “No, he just ran right into Quinnen’s arms.”

After pausing for dramatic effect, Rankins said, “And Tyreek had vanished.” Williams tried to play it down by claiming that all he was doing was trying to gain yards for the sake of his team.

When was the last time he had the opportunity to run with the ball? He could not remember. He referred to Hill as “a fantastic player” and said that “his speed is incredible.”

When it was pointed out to Williams that his stiff arm made him like Derrick Henry, a former Alabama standout who now plays for the Tennessee Titans, Williams laughed and said, “It’s something Coach Saban taught us at Bama.”

The Jets (3-2) broke a four-game losing run against the Dolphins (3-2) and a 12-game losing record to opponents from the AFC East. As a result of this victory, the Jets are now above.500 for the first time since their 1-0 start in 2018.

They had their largest fourth-quarter scoring margin in a game since the Monday Night Miracle in 2000, which also took place against the Dolphins. They were able to outscore the Dolphins by 21 points in the fourth quarter.

Franklin-Myers exclaimed, “We got the last laugh,” before swiftly pointing out that the Jets and the Dolphins will play each other one more on the last Sunday of the season.

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